Skendzel Family Portrait Fun!

A few days back, Pat and I had the lovely opportunity of meeting the massive Skendzel family. Larry had hired me a few months back and told me his family was large, but I took my time and got prepared to situate all of them as best I could. They were all amazing sports, and they kept their smiling faces on the entire time of shooting, even though the bugs were a little intense. 

We had shot the portrait and called it a wrap, but one of them mentioned that there was a waterfall out behind the lodge, so we travelled up a bit and I was amazed by this perfect backdrop that was hiding all this time. So I arranged everyone for one more shot, and it was so worth the time we took, because the final shot we got was amazing. 


Thank you for helping me make such a wonderful portrait for your entire Family, and I hope you really enjoy it! 


Much love.