Festering Feelings of Forgiveness and Futures.

Hello friends,


I am currently at a cross roads about this blog, and I'm trying to decide whether I should leave it as a strictly professional photo-blog about my adventures and my work, or if I should allow this to be an outlet for my more creative, more emotionally crippled side to release the thought caused pressure build up inside of my mildly neurotic and large head. Please take note, that the images in this blog post have absolutely nothing to do with the content of the blog, I just really love the images that Jade, Maria and I shot the other day.

Model - Jade Johansen Make up- Maria Coccimiglio

Model - Jade Johansen Make up- Maria Coccimiglio

For the time being I am just going to continue mixing the two and hope that you enjoy them, or at least don't hate them. 

Tonight a colleague of mine, Alyssa Eddy posted a beautiful photograph of someone who used to be very near and dear to me, someone who has caused immense amounts of happiness and immense amounts of pain, but surprisingly I wasn't upset or angered or saddened by seeing this persons face. I found myself feeling excited about this absolutely stunning image, and I found myself feeling happy to know that someone whom I used to care about so deeply, is still doing well and is in (assumedly so) a great place in their life. 

It led me to think about how many people I've known who have just held onto anger towards someone who 'ruined their lives,' or how many people I've heard say 'I hate that person for [INSERT REASON]' It made me think about how much time is probably wasted, how much emotion and physical anger is used on a daily basis towards other people just for wanting something better, just for seeing an opportunity and taking that to try and better themselves and their lives. 

I just feel that people should let go of the anger towards 'THAT EX' that hurt you, because chances are, the only person you're upsetting, the only person that cares about your anger is you. The only person who is affected by your own hatred, is you. Stop wasting your energy keeping your fists balled up over something that happened and cannot be undone.

I don't know if this is out of line, or if I'm being ridiculous by saying this, but I completely and 100% genuinely forgive her for hurting me. I am no longer angry, I am no longer upset about it. Seeing her face brought back a lot of memories but in all honesty, they were all good ones. I didn't think about the bad times, the bad times were had because she was trying to find a better place in her life, she was trying to help herself and make a happier future for herself, and that is an incredibly noble and amazing thing to do.

Model - Jade Johansen Make Up - Maria Coccimiglio

Model - Jade Johansen Make Up - Maria Coccimiglio

I thank you for all the lessons I've learned from the mistakes that we made, I thank you for moving on with your life so that I was able to move on with mine, I thank you for being happy, because there is more than enough sadness in this world between people who used to be in love. There are far too many people, carrying far too much hate around, and I am glad that both of us aren't part of that anymore. 

Thank you Maggie, and I genuinely hope that your future has nothing but wonderful events in it. 

To everyone else, I beg of you, just let go of the anger and resentment you're feeling towards people who have wronged you. Forgive them for their mistakes, their problems, forgive them for what they've done. You don't have to physically confront them and tell them you forgive them, but just let go of all that internal struggle you're feeling, it will make for a much more beautiful you. I don't know all the answers in life, I actually know very few of them, but what I do know is that I became a much more beautiful person the moment I decided to let go of all the resentment, and accept that people are allowed to live their lives, and people should be allowed to better themselves no matter what that means they need to do. 


Faults, Forgiveness, and Future. 


Thanks for reading everyone.