Kindness, Torment, and Yesterday Afternoon.

I am only 26 years old, so I don't claim to know all there is about being a healthy minded, well rounded poster child for positive living. But what I do know is that we need to stop being such fucking pigs towards each others happiness. I truly believe that the key to making your surroundings better, to making your life and your outlook better; is to make your influence better. 

Anyone who knows me decently well has probably heard me say the sentence 'I hate people,' and as much as I say that, what I truly mean by it is that I hate that people hate other people. I hate people who intentionally bring others down. I hate people who put active effort into hurting other people. I hate people who don't put active effort into thinking about others before themselves. I hate that people would rather fill their own cup to the top instead of trying to share their spoils with their comrades. I hate that. I hate it so much. 

I hate seeing people sad over things that positivity could have prevented. I hate depression, and people whose depression leads them to pull other people down in order to bring up their own self worth. I hate that people resort to cheating in order to feel validation in their lives. I hate that men go on Tinder, and talk to women in unsolicited graphic, vulgar ways only to be rejected which causes them to lash out with violent and disgusting words. I hate that being a gentleman is considered a rarely found trait. 

I always try my best to take all of the negativity that I see and feel, suck it all up, and turn it all into as much positivity as I can. I try to take the lumps as they come, and squish the lumps into something that I can give someone else to try and build upon. I try my best to be something that we all can be, a nice fucking person.

I love seeing people accomplish things, I love telling people to have beautiful dreams before they drift off to sleep, I love seeing a passion in a person and giving them the chance and the outlook to follow that passion. I fucking love when I am able to photograph someone and bring out a perfectly genuine smile from them, because I know that at that very moment, I made them forget about whatever shit has been going on, and I've spread some happiness into their lives. 

I love telling people their hair looks nice, and telling the people I am around everyday that they are valued. I love telling my staff, my colleagues and my friends that they are worth every bit of happiness I can give them. I love complimenting women AND men on their appearances, because both sexes have a right to feel sexy. I love taking a negative, tense situation and trying to inject it with a little bit of coy and rambunctious happiness. 

I don't understand why we constantly look for ways to improve ourselves both physically and mentally, but we ignore the simple fact that smiling is contagious and that If you make 10 people smile tomorrow, you have drastically improved yourself and those around you. I don't understand why we ignore the fact that we all have the ability to be amazing people and amazing influences for everyone we come in contact with, even the ones we don't care for all that much. 

Even if someone might not be your favourite person on the planet, even if they annoy the fuck out of you on a daily basis; they are still valued as a human being. The only time a person doesn't deserve that kind of happiness is if they are attempting to get their happiness by hurting another person.

In closing, it's pretty goddamn simple, just don't fucking hurt other people, don't put yourself in front of everyone else, pay a compliment to those around you every once in a while, AND TELL THE FUCKING TRUTH NO MATTER WHAT IS ON THE OTHER SIDE OF IT.

I love you all,

Allan Brunke.