Krista and Andrew #3!

Hello there Lovely People! 


A few weeks back Pat and I had the absolutely wonderful opportunity of meeting the beautiful daughter of Andrew and Krista, who Jeff and I have been photographing for years now. In fact, we thought about it while shooting this session and we realized that we have shot once a year since they got married, almost on the same date every year. Every time we've shot a session with them, we have photographed them beside this old rusted car frame that is hiding on their property, and each time it becomes more and more one with the ground. So heres to keep traditions going! 

As many people who know me are aware of, I'm not a huge fan of babies, mostly because I'm afraid of how tiny they are and being a big clumsy kind of guy, I get nervous. But for the first time in a long time, I felt so warm and so comfortable photographing this beautiful bundle of laughs, and I think that we got some amazing images because of it. 

I look forward to hopefully shooting every moment this family shares for years to come, and I couldn't be happier for Andrew and Krista, you are both beautiful souls and you created another beautiful soul together. Many blessings to your family for the years to come, and I cannot wait to see you all again soon! 


Much love,