'Can you replace his head with Channing Tatum?' Pihlaja Family Sneak Peek

Hello Again Everyone!


Two posts in one night, Whaaaaaaaat? I was going to leave this one until tomorrow, but I then realized that I am not going to have much time to do anything except work tomorrow, so here we go! 

Today was a nervous, but fun day for me. Today I got to shoot a family who I have known for about 4 years, which was the fun part. The nerve racking part is that Caleigh and Andrew have both been my bosses for the past four years. So obviously I wanted to make things perfect for them. 

We had schedule to shoot up at Stokely Creek, but as we approached the lodge we saw a couple of signs that said 'Wedding ->' So my heart was a little deflated as we were not going to be able to use the locations that I had planned on using. But, a few simple texts later and we rerouted to Hiawatha as a backup plan. I felt bad for making them reroute and head to a different location, but I was hoping to make it up to them by delivering some amazing images. 

Today was a role swap, for the past four years, Caleigh and Andrew had been giving me orders and asking me to do things, but today I got to take charge and give some orders. (Which was admittedly fun to do to Andrew.) But without being too over-bearing, and allowing their lovely daughters to give us some amazing smiles, we got some fantastic images of everyone and I was extremely satisfied with how they turned out. 

Thanks again and much love Everyone.