My obsession with the abstract.

Hello there Everyone!

Welcome to my blog, where I will be posting about new projects, gear that I want to acquire, upcoming projects, finished images, personal interests and a handful of other things. 

Since I began my journey as a photographer, I have always had an interesting obsession with abstract artwork and photography. I think it is a fantastic measure of self expression, and I also don't understand it at all, and I think that's why I have become so entrenched in wanting to learn about it more and more. Some of the minds I have come across throughout my journey so far are able to seemingly pull a beautiful abstract piece out of thin air as if it were something that was painted inside of their skulls. I on the other hand, have much difficulty being able to understand what makes a good abstract photograph. 

I have been to many an art exhibit that has had abstract images/paintings, and a lot of it is mesmerizing, but in a completely bewildering way. I find myself wondering if a lot of it is just random, un coordinated bullshit that people pass off as a deep and moving piece, or whether the artist had some grand scheme all along and picked every stroke, or in my sense, completely controlled the frame, aperture, shutter and composition. I for one have gotten every abstract image I've done from simply winging it and hoping that something interesting would come of it.

I believe that it's not the images themselves that I am enthralled with, but the meaning behind the images. I have been studying the thought process behind abstract imagery for a while and I am still puzzled as to whether there is some deep, soulful meaning behind certain brush strokes, certain composition choices. Does the deep blue mixed with the diffused orange mean two completely different things if they are on different coloured backdrops? Do the long elegant lines represent a calming? I am not sure I will ever understand 'Abstract Art,' but I am going to attempt to keep trying and try to have a deeper understanding of just what it all means. 


I am going to try and do these blog posts once a week, but I'm terrible with scheduling time to do little things like this, so I don't think there will be a specific day of the week that I post. Mostly just when I'm feeling inspired or perplexed.