Schell Family Sneak Peek (Rediscovering my past)

Hello again Everyone!

This weekend I shot a wedding, and the largest family portrait session I have ever done with Mr. Jeff McKersie.

I have known the Schell family since I was about 10 years old, I can remember being babysat by three of the four children of Heidi and Steve, I remember being at their house when I was about 11 and watching Anaconda for the first time. 

Seeing this family again after more than 10 years was really quite intense and it made me think a lot about how much I have grown into my own person over the past 10 years, how many stages I have gone through in my life to get me to this very point. So many ups and downs to mould me into the person behind the camera. 


The whole family was amazing! Lots of laughs had by everyone (except the baby when we took the blanket away.) A very loving and beautiful family, something that is always a benefit when you're taking photographs of them.


For the next two weekends I am going to be traveling back to Thessalon, ON. To work on some family portraits, and hopefully a few personal projects as well! Hope you guys enjoyed the images, and I will check back in soon.