Haner Family Sneak Peek.

This past weekend I shot portraits for The Haner Family and their beautiful dog. Although I ruined a dress shirt and almost lost my phone in the process, I still got some great shots and that always makes it worth it. 

After running a tad bit late due to my own personal Planes, Trains and Automobiles trip to get down to Thessalon, we shot a few portraits in the beautiful riverside park, where I was poked with jokes about my shoes, stories about my father and a lot of laughs. I got the pleasure of meeting this amazingly photographic couple, and was able to get this great shot to celebrate their illustrious love. 

Once we finished up with those images. We drove for about an hour out to Haners summer camp, which was an absolutely beautiful location. I think the only one who loved it more than I did was the dog, who charged across the yard; in and out of the water and then back to jump all over me and get me wet and covered in dirt. 

But it was completely worth it to hear the great reactions from Pauline and Alan once they took a look at the images I got, nothing better than a happy client. 

Until next time,