The Three-Way-Therapy Podcast

Hello Everyone, and welcome! 

I wanted to take a minute and explain exactly what, why, how and when this podcast is. 

The reason I wanted to start doing an audio-show stems from a long love of listening to people converse, listening to peoples stories and giving them insight into how their stories effected me. At it's core, I'm using this podcast as an excuse to sit down with people whom I love, and who inspire me to be a better person. I'm using it as therapy to help aid in my constant struggle with depressive attitudes, and brain fuzz. 

I've wanted to do something like this for a very long time, and I am extremely excited not only to be able to sit down with my friends as well as some people I barely know, but also to have other people listen and hopefully find some kind of solace in what is being said; even if it's just blabber. 

I decided to name it The Three-Way-Therapy podcast because I know from personal experience that just being able to sit down with people and let all of your shit out is a good method of therapy and can be very cathartic for some. So my hope is that everyone participating, everyone listening and everyone involved will feel great every time an episode goes up. 

I am going into this completely underprepared, and unguided, so it's going to be an adventure for us all! 

Much love,